Lastest Trend: lace up flats

I love this trend, flats are so wearable. Don’t get me wrong, I love heels but sometimes they are just not suitable or you really don’t feel like getting sore feet.

Here are some of my favourites and where to find them…


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L’OREAL Elvive Extraordinary oil review

If you are in need of a good hair treatment look no further because I would highly recommend this one, the L’OREAL Elvive Extraordinary oil

To be honest I don’t really put much effort into my hair. I never use hair treatments or serums even though I know I should and I hardly ever use hair straighteners. All my effort tends to go into my makeup and my outfit so my hair usually gets forgotten. I’m sure if my hair was a bit more unruly I would spend more time on it but it’s not so there you go 😛

Anyway the ends of my hair were starting to feel a little dry. It is in need of a trim but I wanted to use something in the meantime. I wanted something easy and quick. A lot of treatments you have to leave in for 3-5mins or so and I just find that a little inconvenient. I have a big family so if your in the shower too long your bound to get someone banging on the door telling you to hurry up! What’s great about this oil is you don’t have to leave it in your hair for a certain amount of time before rinsing and you don’t even have to put this on in the shower. On the label it says you can put it in your hair before you wash it to intensely nourish hair. Or you can put it in before styling for a deep conditioning and additional protection and softness. You can also put it in dry hair as a finishing touch to add shine.

I wouldn’t recommend the last option if you have fine hair like me, because I found it didn’t absorb and my hair went quite oily. It is also important to remember not to put this on all of your hair, just the lengths of it, avoid the roots. When I put it in my hair I just did my ponytail and that was enough. My favourite way to use this is to comb it through dry hair with your fingers before you wash it. You don’t have to worry about putting to much in and making your hair oily because you are going to wash it out anyway! Its super easy and quick as you don’t have to leave it in your hair for a certain amount of time which I love.

I found this gives the best results and your hair feels incredibly smooth after! The ends of my hair are so much softer and they look a lot better too. I have used this oil a few times now and I know that if I keep it up on a regular basis my hair will be incredibly healthy, its just a matter of getting myself into the habit!

Another great thing about this oil is its not too expensive! You can buy 100ml for around $20.

Overall I would definitely recommend this hair oil especially if your like me and want something thats quick and easy.


Samantha xx

How to dress for your body type

The first thing you need to determine is what body shape you have. There are 6 main ones, pear, hourglass, apple, column, curvy and petite.

Pear = narrow up top with womanly thighs and possibly a comparatively small bust.

Hourglass = Perfectly balanced curves – boobs, bum and a small waist

Apple = Slender arms and legs with a fuller mid section

Column = straight up and down athletic types – little in the way of curves, but fab legs

Curvy = Blessed with plentiful curves – this shape can range from voluptuous to plus-sized

Petite = more than just short, petite refers to bodies that are small in size all over

Of course there are more shapes out there but these are the main ones. Sometimes you can be a bit of a mix as well. Now that you have hopefully determined your shape read on to see how to flatter your shape!!

If you are a pear ( e.g Beyonce)
– It’s all about balancing your shape
– Some staple pieces are a long-line blazer, black ankle boots and dark straight leg jeans
– You want a blazer/jacket that tapers in at the waist and ends past your hips. A sharp shoulder and shoulder pads will help   balance a bottom heavy figure. Another trick is to roll the sleeves to show off slim wrists.
– Nudie High Kais are the best jean style for a pear shape. They will accommodate wider hips and won’t gape at the back! If you pair this with boots of a similar colour your legs will be elongated! Yus!

ASOS Closet Longline Blazer in Floral Print $134.71

ASOS Blazer In Crepe with Lapel Detail $93.26



Revolve – Tight long john skinny $158.87

Other items that are good for a pear shape are an A-line skirt, low backed tops and high necked tops/knits.

If you are an HOURGLASS e.g Sofia Vergara
– Go for scooped neck tops that will show just a hint of cleavage and avoid skintight tops
– A cropped leather jacket, choose a style that ends at your natural waist as this will help flatter your curves
– A high waisted pencil skirt is another great pick as it will emphasize your waist. Choose sturdy fabrics to flatter your hips and the most flattering length is one that stops at the knee or just above
– Faded blue skinnies will draw attention to the narrow part of your legs
– Tuck in a button down shirt to show off your waist
– Belts are your best friend! Seriously. Wear them with baggy tops to highlight your waist

Minkpink blush blouse $112

Esther – Jazz metal belt $33

Esther – Love is found block out skirt $77

If you are an apple e.g Mila Kunis
– Oversized tops and dress that don’t cling to the waist are best
– Shift dress are fab on this figure as they show off your legs but it will skim over the mid-section
– A cropped jacket is a must have and will look great with a shift dress
– Button down shirts are great for a casual or business look, you can dress them up or down

Minkpink – Last chance dress $87

Dorothy Perkins – Black Crepe Tux Jacket $80

If you are a column e.g Gwyneth Paltrow
– You want to create the illusion of curves
– Go for button up shirts with pockets as they will act as instant curve creators
– A bell skirt will create a waist will adding shape to the hips
– Heeled boots with a high cut style will flatter your legs, go for a fine heel rather than chunky
– The fluted skirt will do wonders for your figure
– As will peplum tops!

Bardot – Peplum tee in plush $80

Bardot – Fitted rocco peplum top $80


If you are curvy e.g Adele
– The wrap coat will do wonders for a curvy figure, go for one that has a belt
– High waisted dark jeans will be the most flattering
– Larger patterns and floaty shapes are best
– Ankle straps will shorten your legs so opt for nude pumps

Oasis – Faux Leather Detail Coat, Mid Grey $140

Cameo – Align top $140

If you’re petite e.g Olivia Palermo
– Go for tops with thin straps and a bit of detail
– Leather shorts will look amazing and a shorter cut will elongate your legs
– Choose a fitted jumper over a baggy jumper
– Printed pants will flatter your legs and make you stand out!
– Body-con dresses will suite you best

Keepsake the label – Skinny love top $130

Fate – Grid lock pant $110

Hope this was helpful! Have fun playing around with different styles that will flatter your figure

Samantha xox

My favourite body scrub – The Body Shop Polish Strawberry review

Let me start by saying this body scrub is amaaaazing! I love it so much and it is definitely my favourite out of all the ones I’ve tried. At $20 it doesn’t break the bank and a little bit goes a long way.

My favourite thing about this product is the smell. It’s so beautiful I could eat it 😛 and the scent stays on your skin which is great. Another thing I love about the product is the scrub isn’t too harsh so it is fine to use it everyday but I would recommend using it up to 3 times a week. And don’t use this product on your face, body only. After you use it your skin feels so soft and smooth. I would highly recommend this body scrub! If you aren’t a fan of strawberries there are our flavors too.

The body shop are against animal testing so this product is free from animal cruelty. Benzyl alcohol is listed on the ingredients list so if your skin is extremely sensitive then I would go for something a little more gentle.

Overall I would give this product 10/10! I have never known a body scrub to smell so delicious!!

Smashbox primer review – light primer and luminizing primer

Smashbox are pretty well known for their primers and I have to say, they are pretty great. My favourite is the photo finish luminizing primer, it makes your skin look amaaaazing! It gives such a nice glow and  it’s natural enough to wear during the day. Some people think that people with fair skin can’t wear it because of the bronzy glow but this is far from true.

I am quite fair and I wear it all the time with no problems at all. If you are very pale then you would use it a little more sparingly.

The glow lasts all day aswell! It’s horrible having a product that looks great for a few hours then turns to rubbish. Not only is this product great for creating a natural glow it is also a great primer. Your foundation goes on so smoothly and it stays put all day. You won’t get a patchy, orangey look that you sometimes get when you don’t use a primer.

Quite often I get asked, do I really need a primer? The answer is yes. Primer keeps your skin hydrated or oil free (depending on your skin type) it also gives your makeup a nicer finish. Foundation goes on smoother and looks better all day. Another concern is, is it bad for my skin? No it is not, it is the same as wearing foundation every day. A primer is not going to clog your pores if you get a good quality one.

Both of these Smashbox primers are oil free, making them less greasy and less likely to make you look shiny. If you are concerned about clogging your pores then I would recommend Smashbox primer photo finish LIGHT. This primer is 60% water based and is great if you are prone to breakouts. This primer is also great for sensitive skin. It is non-greasy and feels like a moisturizer. It keeps your makeup on and has a nice natural finish. If you want a matte look I would recommend the Lancome La base pro primer.

Smashbox have many more primers in their range but these two are my favourite. If you want to know more about the other primers you can send me a message or you can visit their website.

Samantha xox

My favourite foundation – Lancome Teint Miracle review

I have always struggled with finding the right foundation for my skin. They either slide off, look patchy, don’t have enough coverage or look to cakey and unnatural. I have tried Mac, ester lauder, smashbox, clinique, bobbi brown, dior, revlon and more! Every time I would find something I didn’t like about the formula. This honestly has to be my favourite foundation of all time. I have tried sooo many different brands and never come across something that I would go back and re-purchase again and again.

It is a lovely lightweight foundation but at the same time it provides a great amount of cover. You never look cakey when you wear this and it will last all day. I hate foundations that rub off as soon as you touch them. This one doesn’t do that which is fab.

It has a dewy finish which I love as it makes it look so natural. It also has SPF15, is oil free and is non-condemgenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores and make you break out). It is also suitable for sensitive skin as it has be dermatologically tested. What’s even better is all Lancome makeup and skincare are made in France so you know you are getting top quality products.

On the bottle is says it is a natural light creator giving bare skin perfection and I completely agree it does just that! At $69 it is not cheap but you are definitely paying for the amazing quality.

Teint Miracle shade 010

Samantha xox

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour lipstick in Ultra Violet review

This is the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Lipstick in Ultra Violet. I loooove this shade, it looks amazing. It claims it is a moisturizing lipstick and it definitely is! I have worn it multiple times on different occasions and it never lets me down. It stays put which is fantastic, of course I have a few tips to keep lipstick on longer

which I will post a video about soon!

I have worn it on a night out where I was inside in quite a hot environment and I was so surprised when I didn’t have to reapply it, not once! And most importantly it didn’t bleed, it’s not a good look when your lipstick bleeds haha. There was also another day when I wore this lipstick to work which for me is an 8 hour day. The lipstick survived through lunch and everything! I did have to reapply it a little after easting but it really has fantastic staying power.

Wearing Elizabeth Arden Beautiful colour lipstick in Ultra Violet

The only thing with this lipstick is that the you expect the colour to be quite a dark plum however when you put it on its not as dark. Lipsticks do look different on everyone so it is important to try them on to get an idea of the true colour.

Overall I think this lipstick is amazing and it is worth paying that little bit extra. There is heaps of amazing colours in this range so go check them out! 🙂

Samantha xox